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How it Works

30 Second Pitch connects entrepreneurs and other business-minded individuals looking to jump start or grow their business with investors looking for ideas to back.  Download the app and start recording your 30 Second Pitch with just a few taps.  Once you have your perfect pitch, submit it to our pool of qualified, vetted Angels and Venture Capitalists.

About 30 Second Pitch

Connecting Entrepreneurs with Investors

The purpose of 30 Second Pitch is to connect opportunistic minded individuals with the capital they need to launch their worldchanging ideas and innovations.  30 Second Pitch provides a direct conduit between qualified, vetted investors with anyone who wants to share their idea with those that could help them succeed.

30 Second Pitch is built by a team of tech entrepreneurs and backed by a group of qualified and vetted investors including celebrities, athletes, angels and venture capitalists.

Our Method

Every time a new pitch is submitted into the platform, a member of the 30 Second Pitch committee views it and determines whether that pitch is worthy to be viewed by the entire investor group during weekly sessions.  The best pitches are invited to pitch their ideas in person to our investor group in New York City.

Sample Pitch

Land Investor Meetings

The best pitches are invited to present to our investor group in person in our New York City offices.  This provides any entrepreneur, anywhere a chance to have their innovation or business idea funded.

Secure Funding

Once an in-person pitch is scheduled, the possibilities are endless.  Besides receiving valuable criticism and feedback by our strong group of investors, you will also have a chance to receive significant capital from one or multiple investors in our group to help grow or jump start your business venture.

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